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Aprax   Graz - AT


Aprax on facebook Aprax on soundcloud

Aprax love for music began early. After learning the drums at the age of 8 his passion for rhythm was born and is still a basic element of his music. Over the years he played in several bands and combos, not only playing percussion but bass, guitar and keyboard. Since 2008 he began to DJ and startet to produce some minimal and techhouse tracks. After some time his skills improved and his style changed a lot. He got influenced by great producers like Super Flu, Andhim, Tube&Berger, Format:B and many more.

Aprax  - Lotte EP out on Electrophil Records (EPR014) - 03.09.2013


Benjamin Eberenz   Basel - CH

Benjamin Eberenz

Benjamin Eberenz on facebook Benjamin Eberenz on soundcloud Benjamin Eberenz on resident advisor Benjamin Eberenz on youtube

Since he was born, Benjamin Eberenz has been infected with music of all genres. He started his musical career with playing several instruments as well as different styles. From cello to drums and from folk music to DnB was almost all included. As a drummer he made the first step into nightlife supporting the live act die Krankenpfleger. He needed 18 years until he decided to make the next step into DJing and producing.

His musical recipe is combines a main dish with a dessert. For the main dish he takes a heavy pumping bass line combined with spicy percussions, a few Tech House-elements agitated with some good old House music. Then he stirs this mix until it has blended a bit. Finally to achieve his main dish, he seasons it with some well known old box office hits. For dessert he serves always a Bombe Surprise.

Green Velvet, Santiago Cortes, Alexander Kowalski, Sierra Sam, Fan Erhalder and Michael Flume are just a few well known acts he supported by rocking four decks.

NonSenseCorporation  - Neue Zeit (Benjamin Eberenz Remix) out on Bloombeats Records (BBR025) - 01.02.2013
Benjamin Eberenz  - Fast Step (Steve Cole Remix) out on Deep Vol.6 (HIFICOMP048) - 09.02.2012
Benjamin Eberenz  - Step by Step EP out on Electrophil Records (EPR003) - 19.05.2011


Branislove   Basel - CH

Benjamin Eberenz

Branislove on facebook Branislove on soundcloud Branislove on youtube

There is not much to say about me.
With four years I started dancing serbian folk dance. The music began mixing with my blood and the passionate lil B- Love was born. With 14 years, I went the first time at a electro party. It was a whole new feeling that the electronic music trigger in me. With friends I went more often in electro clubs. My interest for house music started with 16. The clubscene in Basel, Switzerland had at this time so many alluring partys. Deep basslines and the spicy drums were the launch for my interest in producing my own house music tracks.
When I earned my first money the first thing I've bought was a laptop and a traktor controller. With that equipment I began djing at birthdaypartys. Now I'm 19 and starting producing my own tracks and djing at the clubscene in Basel.

The Only thing I wanna reach with the music I'm producing and djing is a happy raver and a smile on his face because these reactions show me that I've reached my goal for this evening!
I do it with and for LOVE

Branislove - Berlin out on Gare de Bâle - The Sound of Basel (EPRCOMP001) - 09.05.2013


Dealirium   Ebensee - AT


Dealirium on soundcloud

From Austria, started early on to produce and play electronic music under his novel moniker Mike Deal.
Starting in small clubs like Bermuda, up to the legendary Cave Club in Salzburg, he played his driving techno sets alongside the likes of W.J. Henze, Eric Sneo, Lars Klein and Adam Beyer.

In the beginning of 2005 and 2006 he released his first Hard Techno production "the bells of fashion" on F.A.T. tm02 /Schranz Total 10 and the "Dark Mind" EP on Composure 22.

After a longer break, and with new ambitions and a new image, he is starting again 2012 under his novel moniker: Dealirium.
His style ranges from Deep House over Tech-House to Techno and he is refining his tracks with dark sound elements or house-like grooves, which he combines with hard and driving kick drums to produce a forward-moving composition.

Dealirium - Let Me Know out on Freshart Music - 27.08.13
Dealirium - Therapy EP out on CUE Digital Rec. - 01.04.13
Dealirium - Bad Days out on Minicoffee Rec. - 28.02.2013
Plo.berger - Hot Rooftop (Dealirium Remix) out on Electrophil Recordes (EPR011) - 26.02.13
Dealirium - Side Show EP out on Electrophil Records (EPR007) - 27.07.2012
Forexample - Klikuklakud (Dealirium Rmx)(EST) out on Room133 Rec.(19.01.13)
Hunt & Deal - Dark Mind EP out on Composure 22 - 07.12.2005
Mike Deal - The Bells Of Fashion out on F.A.T. tm records (FAT002) - 02.02.2005


Deep Bros   Basel - CH


Deep Bros on facebook Deep Bros on soundcloud

Born in italy, deep bros have stood the test of time, navigating through the changes in the scene and the music to constantly bring you quality house music. djing since 30 years incl. gigs nationwide & around the world..
played at events like: in bed with space, amnesia ibiza world tour,  hed kandi, defected in the house, mtv gate to ibiza, fashion tv tour..
djiing alongside dj's like: david morales, louie vega, tony humphries, dennis ferrer, david morales, frankie knuckles, eric morillo, kerri chandler..
in studio feat. artists like: michael watford, barbara tucker, michelle weeks, carole sylvan, fonda rae, linda lee hopkins..

Deep Bros - Moments (DJ Tool) out on Gare de Bâle - The Sound of Basel (EPRCOMP001) - 09.05.2013 - Taken from the tools maker ep courtesy of map dance records


Dodobeatz   Basel - CH


Dodobeatz on facebook Dodobeatz on soundcloud

Domenico Rondinelli aka Dodobeatz; a young college student from the southwest of Germany, near the frontier of Switzerland and France. He`s djing since the end of 2011 and now produces his own electronic sounds since 2013.
He`s overtaking with high-speed his regional music area with his Techno and Electro-sets. Since 2012, Dodobeatz got his DJ residency at Club Borderline (Bale, CH) and at Club Titanic (Bad Säckingen, Germany), where you can listen to him for instance once a month.
Big words are aren`t necessary; you have to see him performing live to get your own portion of musical orgasm!

Dodobeatz & Thimlife - Not the Way
out on Gare de Bâle - The Sound of Basel (EPRCOMP001) - 09.05.2013


Emil Teiger   Basel - CH

Emil Teiger

Emil Teiger on facebook Emil Teiger on soundcloud Emil Teiger on resident advisor Emil Teiger on youtube

Emil Teiger began 2005 as an electronic live act. He impressed the crowd with his flavour for deep grooves and hard basses and also with the headband he wearing all night long. But especially with the surprise to have an Instrument with him play with this live. After years with great gigs from Presswerk and Nordstern, Basel over Rote Fabrik and Zukunft, Zürich till the Unit in Tokyo he went back to studio in Basel.

And now he returns back with a fresh Teiger Style. With his new release on electrophil Records Emil Teiger will also launch his first release. Check out Emil Teiger - Human EP and make your own opinion.

Emil Teiger - Lets Pretend to be Human (Mikall Svender Remix) out on Minimal Puzzlebox, Vol.1 (GSPCOMP124) - 22.02.2012
Emil Teiger  - Human EP out on Electrophil Records (EPR002) - 06.05.2011


Floyd Hatton   Basel - CH

Floyd Hatton

Floyd Hatton on facebook Floyd Hatton on soundcloud

In 1991, Jonathan Buehler alias Floyd Hatton was born in Basel. Growing up in a creative environment, he had an early taste for the musical. Besides painting and dense, the love for music became greater, which he accompanied on his drums.
2005 Jonathan began to tinker his first hip-hop beats that were exchanged later for electronic soundscapes. Since then he bolted to multifaceted four to the floor tracks from techno to drum and bass and herbaceous Ambient. And he never came away from the hip-hop.
DJing he started only later that he expanded it to the live act.

Floyd Hatton - Das Schwarze Pferd out on Gare de Bâle - The Sound of Basel (EPRCOMP001) - 09.05.2013
NonSenseCorporation  - Neue Zeit (Floyd Hatton Remix) out on Bloombeats Records (BBR025) - 01.02.2013


Francesco Ballato   Basel - CH

Francesco Ballato

Francesco Ballato on facebook Francesco Ballato on soundcloud Francesco Ballato on resident advisor Francesco Ballato on youtube

Francesco Ballato, former breakdancer and now known as DJ Fran-G, has been an activ part of Basel's night life for more than a decade now.

It all started in the year 2000, when he did not only host parties in cozy clubs, but regularly performed as a DJ there, too. Since then his career never lost momentum. Events like "tek-lounge" and TONSTAU (Basel 2004-2009, with international line-up) combined with his musical talent led his name to be known across the borders; and from 2003 on he became a well-booked DJ in Freiburg, as well.
Since 2010, Francesco runs his own little party label called "conaction" in proper style in the Afterhour Club Le Saxo in Basel. With his grooving sets he transforms dancing crowds into celebrating masses and has done so in Basel, Freiburg and even regularly in the Tresor Club, Berlin (+4 Bar).
But long before that, since 2005, he worked eagerly on his own productions in a constantly growing studio. His first release was in a Remix Contest (September 2010) and slowly but surely, the rewards for his constant musical devotion seem to become clear. So watch out what Francesco will have in store for you in the future.

Francesco Ballato - Same old Feelings EP out on Electrophil Records (EPR013) - 11.06.2013
Francesco Ballato - Milkshake out on Electripped Folks, 05 (DOPPELGAENGERCOMP122) - 24.07.2012
Francesco Ballato - Milkshake (Syntec Remix) out on Diffusion 1.0 (TRETCOMP109) - 24.07.2012
Francesco Ballato - Snakes on a Plane out on Tech:House 05 (WASABICOMP084) - 20.07.2012
Francesco Ballato - Family Things out on deepDeluxe - Season 0.6 (WASABICOMP082) - 06.07.2012
Francesco Ballato - Things EP out on Electrophil Records (EPR006) - 25.05.2012
Andrey Bogdanov - Arabica (Francesco Ballato Remix) out on Schallbox (SBR009) - 23.12.2011
Rath & Kurzhals - To Go Crackers (Francesco Ballato Remix) out on Symbiostic 003 - 22.09.2011


Fred Licci   Basel - CH


Fred Licci on facebook


Fred Licci & Denis Capizzi - Greenpuma out on Gare de Bâle - The Sound of Basel (EPRCOMP001) - 09.05.2013


Gerber & Schneider   Basel - CH

Gerber & Schneider

Gerber & Schneider on facebook Gerber & Schneider on soundcloud Gerber & Schneider on resident advisor

On a wet and cold summer day of the year 2004, Michel Schneider and Oliver Geber met by accident: In a garage Michel Schneider, now also known as Mikall Svender, just started to learn about the craft that is DJing.

Time went by and 2009 was the year the Live Act Project "Gerber & Schneider" was born. From then on they spend countless long and productive nights in the studio. Now, the 25.03.2011, they will finally showcase their skills during their debut as Live Act at the Borderline Club Basel. Of course accompanied by the release of their first track "Gehende Zeit".

Gerber & Schneider - Gehende Zeit out on Klangsektor 2.0 (BUZACOMP104) - 04.04.2012
Gerber & Schneider - Gehende Zeit (G-Rillo Remix) out on Dusty Tracks, Vol.7 (DOPPELGAENGERCOMP115) - 13.01.2012
Gerber & Schneider - Gehende Zeit out on Electrophil Records (EPR001) - 25.03.2011


Gil Sozinho   Zürich - CH

Gil Sozinho

 Gil Sozinho on soundcloud 

Gil Sozinho, was born in Angola in 1991 and moved Zurich at the age of one. He grew up having a, lets say; special childhood. Alone with his mother, he struggled through pretty obvious problems. At the Age of Thirteen he tried to start the whole Production thing, sadly not for long. When he turned 17, he rediscovered Music, and started again. But this time, he knew just what he had to do, to fulfill his dreams in any possibly imaginable way.

His prime focus lays on House and electro. But he enjoys experimenting with Dubstep, Drum&Bass and Hip-Hop. He says: There are no, so called rules in music, just do whatever you like! A little time has passed, and now hes releasing his first Electro-House Track on Electrophil Records.

Gil Sozinho  - Dance Pop out on Electrophil Records (EPR004) - 27.01.2012


Gin Tonic Soundsystem   Basel - CH

Gin Tonic Soundsystem

Gin Tonic Soundsystem on facebook Gin Tonic Soundsystem on soundcloud

End of 2009, the long-overdue decision was handed down, decided and sealed. The two DJs and longtime friends Marc S. and Vince Navarro founded a new DJ duo and are now at selected events to come together behind the turntables. Under the pseudonym of Gin Tonic Soundsystem indulge both her passion for deep and groovy Tek House, primarily as residents of the own Eventlabel NOIZ / on Das Schiff (dj residents) as well as guests from other trendy label parties at home & abroad. From 2010 is to be fully started, of course, always included with a high fun factor! Thanks to her studio partner G-Rillo the two guys already ensured for quality releases on labels such as name Broken: Schallbox Rec (Switzerland), Optimizer Rec (USA) and many more. More releases will follow ..

Gin Tonic Soundsystem & G-Rillo - Kunststofftraum out on Gare de Bâle - The Sound of Basel (EPRCOMP001) - 09.05.2013


G-Rillo   Basel - CH

G Rillo

G-Rillo on facebook G-Rillo on soundcloud

Cyrill Hostettler aka G-RILLO showed an interest for the music as a very young boy. While still in early childhood, he learned to handle his parents record player. At the age of 7, he attended piano lessons, which he maintained up to 13 years of age; however, it became clear to him that he was more interested in danceable, rhythm oriented music and bought his first Hip Hop records. At the age of 16, G-RILLO found a taste for House music and was saved by the famous MKII turntables. He started to play in smaller parties and in a number of clubs in his hometown of Basel, Switzerland. In addition, G-RILLO saved to purchase his first recording equipment, which consisted of an old PC, a small sampler and a keyboard. To this day, he continues to develop this habit, substituting old components with new equipment, keeping up with new technological advances. Self-taught, G-RILLO learned to find his way about the world of audio engineering and song writing and develop his experience in recording and mixing.

Gin Tonic Soundsystem & G-Rillo - Kunststofftraum out on Gare de Bâle - The Sound of Basel (EPRCOMP001) - 09.05.2013


Malicious Joy   Basel - CH

Malicious Joy

Malicious Joy on facebook Malicious Joy on soundcloud Malicious Joy on twitter Malicious Joy on resident advisor Malicious Joy on youtube

Malicious Joy, Gagec and A-Rod, a young aspiring DJ duo that evolves from each event!
It all started as friends of electronic music and is now grown so enormously, that this DJ team can't get along without each other anymore!
Intoxicating sounds and hard basslines combined of a DJ and live set full of diversity, so an argument that won't miss anything.
Now, there is more than enough equipment, skills and creativity to flowing and the pleasure is bigger than ever before!

Malicious Joy  - Hooked out on Gare de Bâle - The Sound of Basel (EPRCOMP001) - 09.05.2013


Mike & Nika   Basel - CH

Mike Nika

Mike & Nika on facebook Mike & Nika on soundcloud

Mike & Nika (previous knowen as Mike Fatal & Nika Nikita), the one and only DJ couple of Basel, Switzerland

Mike & Nika both grown up in Basel. But Nika got rhythmical blood in her, from Bangkok the capital of Thailand, where she was born. Both got very early involved in the music scene and found out a favor in her both lives. In 2005 their ways crossed and they got a love couple. But this was not the hour where Mike & Nika was born, long time they played solo Gigs. .
2010 they played for the first time together and cause this was some magic moment for the crowd and as well for themselves, they decided to join up as a DJ couple. Since then the screw is on twist, they became resident of Club Borderline. Playing in many Clubs, Lounge, Shop and also special Event in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Netherland, Spain. Played together with Acts like Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth, DJ Rush, Lexy&K-Paul, Umek, Gayle San, Monika Kruse, Marco Bailey, Ellen Allien, Kaiserdisco, Roman Flügel, Tiefschwarz, Nakadia.
Meanwhile they started also with their own productions like their actually releases on Electrophil Records. A Remix for of Plo.bergers Track My Love and their first own track Mike & Nika – Ibiza Esta Loca out on Gare de Bâle – The Sound of Basel

Mike & Nika - Ibiza Esta Loca out on Gare de Bâle - The Sound of Basel (EPRCOMP001) - 09.05.2013
Plo.berger - My Love (Mike & Nika Remix) out on Electrophil Records (EPR011) - 26.02.2013


Moritz & Max   Basel - CH

Moritz & Max

Moritz & Max on facebook Moritz & Max on soundcloud

"Moritz & Max" is a young artistic duo.
The two artists who make up this duo are Christoph Mertsch and Maxim Heidt.
The younger of the two, Maxim, proved, in his childhood, to be a pianistic talent. When he was 17 he became aware of DJ-ing and was immediately enthusiastic.
Christoph became interested in music through his father. He tried various instruments but most of all he was fascinated by the equipment used by DJs.
In the last couple of years they have extended their knowledge of electronic music and have become part of the DJ scene. They became friends purely through chance. Christoph had DJ equipment in his cellar and already during their first DJ session together, they realised that a DJ duo would be a distinct possibility. THAT was the moment that "Moritz and Max" came alive. Their success was immediate and they were given various jobs, including ones as resident DJs, as well as supporting acts such as Klangkarussell, Oliver Koletzki and Markus Kafka. They were awarded first prize in the DJ contest at the "Sea of Love" Festival and for the very first time performed in front of a really large audience.
At the moment they are working hard on their first own production. The first fruits of this collaboration appear in their opening track. This will be released by the label Electrophil Records (Basel, CH) in the compilation "Gare de Balê" this spring. The style of the track is a mix of Deep-House and Tech-House. It will be really interesting to see how their future looks…

Moritz & Max  - Retro Dancer out on Gare de Bâle - The Sound of Basel (EPRCOMP001) - 09.05.2013


Ned O`Neal   Basel - CH

Ned O`Neal

Ned O`Neal on facebook Ned O`Neal on soundcloud Ned O`Neal on twitter Ned O`Neal on resident advisor

Nedeljko Jevtic aka NED O`NEAL was born in Basle, Switzerland. At the age of 15 he discovered his love to the electronic music style. Meanwhile a lot of time has passed and this year, 2012, he is celebrating his 15th DJ – anniversary. During all this time he never stopped using Vinyl.
Very successfully he organized and managed various afterhours in the clubs Triebwerk in Urdorf (Zurich) and Sub Zero in Oerlikon (Zurich) together with the event label StayHigh.
At the moment his brother Nesha and himself are managing the event label „MinimalFraktion, which has already made itself a name and is known in the colorful world of Techno.
Music styles change just as the type of party guests, so it is important to move on with the current new styles and possibilities on the market. Ned has managed to combine new and old styles over the years and with this combination parties always turned out to be an electrifying event.
On a regular base Ned is playing in Switzerland, Germany, France, Hungary and Serbia. His diversified sets, a mix of freaky playful minimal and moving tech house, always gets people on the dance floor.
In near future Ned will be playing his own productions – be prepared.

Ned O`Neal  - Ali Baba sings his Song out on Gare de Bâle - The Sound of Basel (EPRCOMP001) - 09.05.2013


Plo.berger   Graz - AT


Plo.berger on soundcloud Plo.berger on twitter

It started early on for Plo.berger when he decided to learn how to play the saxophone. Since then making music has always been an essential part of his life.

The saxophone was not enough and thus electric bass, guitar and keyboard came along. He started playing in some Punk and Rock bands. After some years he discovered his love for Tech House and Techno and got into producing his own tracks. Since then he is influenced by acts like Sebastién Légér, Format B or Aka Aka who definitely shaped his sound and his approach to making music. As a DJ he plays his tracks to an ever growing audience in Bars and Clubs in and around Graz and Vienna. His tracks are mostly Tech House with driving basslines, grooving percussion and lots of swing which will keep your feet moving. But check it out yourself by listening to his first release on Electrophil Records.

Plo.berger - Körperlichkeiten EP out on Electrophil Records (EPR011) - 26.02.2013
Plo.berger  - Say What? EP out on Electrophil Records (EPR009) - 26.10.2012


T.S.H.   Bremerhaven - DE

Thomas Stanislaw Homann_digdis

T.S.H. on facebook T.S.H. on soundcloud T.S.H. on twitter T.S.H. on resident advisor T.S.H. on youtube

T.S.H. aka The Pole (Thomas Stanislaw Homann) became interested in early 90 to be dedicated to electronic music. Very early he developed his passion for this kind of sound production.Over the years, the love of this subculture was always greater. Like his father, Thomas loves all kinds of musical instruments. He has played in childhood harmonica, guitar and keyboard and this. Never from notes but only after hearing. In fairness, it must be admitted that had the guitars play the charm very quickly lost. In the 90's can still "playing" on the C64 so. First music software has been extensively tested with 4 tracks. Thomas deepened his passion and practiced his skills and abilities. In 2000, Thomas became an integral part of the North German techno scene. At the beginning as "DJ" in the Schranz scene, then in miminal and Techhouse area.Currently devoted T.S.H. producing. Its peculiar and never constant sound is typical for him. He never stays true to a certain direction, but always composed his tracks by his mood and emotional state. Thus, you can never predict in which direction will move his future tracks and remixes. His motto is: do not restrict yourself by styles and to allow steering. Rather, he wants to realize his artistic freedom in all its facets.

Weltenwandler & T.S.H.  - Gegen die Zeit EP out on Electrophil Records (EPR010) - 28.12.2012
Weltenwandler  - The Ruin (T.S.H. Remix) out on Electrophil Records (EPR008) - 24.08.2012


Thimlife   Bad Säckingen - DE


Thimlife on facebook Thimlife on soundcloud

19 year old Sebastian Prem alias Thimlife (Ex-bassdee) from Bad Säckingen, near Freiburg (Germany) is doing music for 3 years now. It all started as a nice hobby but he soon knew that music is his passion. Although he never learned playing instruments he knows how tunes should be played to harmonize with each other. Producing nearly every kind of music, weather its RnB, Dubstep or Clubsounds theres no limit for his creativity. As an overview you could say that Thimlife isnt only a composer, he writes his own lyrics and recently started practising how to deejay.
When not composing new melodies and songs Thimlife likes to hang out with friends and do sports, such as going to the gym or play football. He soon will graduate his A level and hopes that his life as an producer or composer will continue and all of his work for his life dream will pay off.

Dodobeatz & Thimlife - Not the Way out on Gare de Bâle - The Sound of Basel (EPRCOMP001) - 09.05.2013


Weltenwandler   St. Andrews - UK


Weltenwandler on facebook Weltenwandler on soundcloud Weltenwandler on resident advisor

Its about making music that you feel. Its about telling stories without words.

Since he started making music in 2008, his main aim was to create something people could relate to, something that not only makes their feet but their minds move. Since then, Weltenwandler has been on a journey to find exactly this little spark, this little thing that ignites the listeners imagination, be it within electronica, melodic deep house or even aggressive techno.
After all, music is all about finding your own story.

Weltenwandler - Sommernachtstraum (Atesh K. Remix) out on Organic Beats (TYVM007) - 11.04.2013
Weltenwandler - The Relic out on Believe the Hype (PTTRCOMP049) - 04.04.2013
Weltenwandler - Departure LP out on Electrophil Records (EPR012) - 03.04.2013
Weltenwandler - Sommernachtstraum out on Techno En Vogue, Vol. 8 (WASABICOMP112) - 15.03.2013
Weltenwandler  - Das Glasperlenspiel (Goldmunds Version) out on Nachtwandler, Vol. 1 (CITYCOMP042) - 11.01.2013
Weltenwandler & T.S.H. - Gegen die Zeit EP out on Electrophil Records (EPR010) - 28.12.2012
Weltenwandler  - Das Glasperlenspiel (Goldmunds Version) out on Kollektiv Traumwelt, Vol. 4 (BUZACOMP122) - 30.11.2012
Atesh K - Dreaming (Weltenwandler Remix) out on Regular Beats (RB017) - 08.11.2012
Plo.berger - The Tropes (Weltenwandler Remix) out on Electrophil Records (EPR009) - 26.10.2012
Weltenwandler  - Rand der Welt out on Elfenstaub Vol.4 (CITYCOMP035) - 19.10.2012
Weltenwandler  - The Ruin EP out on Electrophil Records (EPR008) - 24.08.2012
Weltenwandler  - Das Glasperlenspiel (Narziss Version) out on Analog Tapes 14 (TRETCOMP112) - 24.08.2012
Weltenwandler  - Glasperlenspiel EP out on Electrophil Records (EPR005) - 23.03.2012
Falk Morawitz  - Irrlicht (Sparks Demons Remix) out on Best of Minimal 2011 (MUENCHEN10035754) - 23.12.2011
Falk Morawitz  - Irrlicht EP out on Bars and Pipes (BARS03) - 23.10.2011



Aiden   Sommelsdijk - NL

Aiden on soundcloud

Atesh K. (Regular Beats)   Nicosia - CY

Atesh K. on facebook Atesh K. on soundcloud Atesh K.  on resident advisor Atesh K.  on youtube

Branislove   Basel - CH

Branislove on facebook Branislove on soundcloud Branislove on youtube

Chris Milla   Freiburg - DE

Chris Milla on facebook Chris Milla on soundcloud Chris Milla on youtube

Dealirium   Ebensee - AT

Dealirium on soundcloud

Dekay   Berlin - DE

Dekay on facebook Dekay on soundcloud Dekay on twitter Dekay on youtube

Fabian Schumann   Dresden - DE

Fabian Schumann on facebook Fabian Schumann on soundcloud Fabian Schumann on resident advisor

Franco Bianco   Buenos Aires - AR

Franco Bianco on facebook Franco Bianco on soundcloud Franco Bianco on twitter Franco Bianco on resident advisor Franco Bianco on youtube

G-Rillo   Basel - CH

G-Rillo on facebook G-Rillo on soundcloud G-Rillo on youtube

Homeward   New York - US

Homeward on facebook

Jackrabbit   Berlin - DE

Jackrabbit on facebook Jackrabbit on soundcloud Jackrabbit on resident advisor

Malicious Joy   Basel - CH

Malicious Joy on facebook Malicious Joy on soundcloud Malicious Joy on twitter Malicious Joy on resident advisor Malicious Joy on youtube

Manu P   Umbria - IT

Manu P on facebook Manu P on soundcloud Manu P on resident advisor Manu P on youtube

Marco di Feo   Freiburg - DE

Marco di Feo on facebook Marco di Feo on soundcloud

Mikall Svender   Basel - CH

Mikall Svender on facebook Mikall Svender on soundcloud Mikall Svender on resident advisor Mikall Svender on youtube

Mike & Nika   Basel - CH

Mike & Nika on facebook Mike & Nika on soundcloud

Mondkrater   Lviv - UA

Mondkrater on facebook Mondkrater on soundcloud Mondkrater on twitter

NonSenseCorporation   Basel - CH

NonSenseCorporation on facebook NonSenseCorporation on soundcloud NonSenseCorporation on resident advisor

Sascha Klöber   Frankfurt - DE

Sascha Klöber on facebook Sascha Klöber on soundcloud Sascha Klöber on twitter Sascha Klöber on resident advisor

Steve Cole (Schallbox Records)   Basel - CH

Steve Cole on facebook Steve Cole on soundcloud Steve Cole on resident advisor Steve Cole on youtube

Syntec   Freiburg - DE

Syntec on soundcloud

T.S.H.   Bremen - DE

T.S.H. on facebook T.S.H. on soundcloud T.S.H. on resident advisor T.S.H. on youtube

Thom Nagy   Basel - CH

Thom Nagy on facebook Thom Nagy on soundcloud Thom Nagy on resident advisor

Weltenwandler   St.Andrews - UK

Weltenwandler on facebook Weltenwandler on soundcloud


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