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EPR003 - Benjamin Eberenz - Step by Step EP

EPR003 Back

Track 1: Benjamin Eberenz – Fast Step (10:16 min)
Track 2: Benjamin Eberenz – Small Step (9:52 min)
Track 3: Benjamin Eberenz – Next Step (9:15 min)
Track 4: Benjamin Eberenz – Fast Step (Steve Cole Remix) (6:57 min)

EPR003 Front

On the 19th of May 2011 Electrophil Records will celebrate their third release with a label night at the famous Nordstern where they will present the EPR003 Step by Step EP from Benjamin Eberenz. Benjamins musical recipe is combines a main dish with a dessert. For the main dish he takes a heavy pumping bass line combined with spicy percussions, a few Tech House-elements agitated with some good old House music. Then he stirs this mix until it has blended a bit. Finally to achieve his main dish, he seasons it with some well known old box office hits. For dessert he serves always a Bombe Surprise.

Inside this release, you will find three tracks of Benjamin Eberenz. Fast Step is a Deep House Track which is mashed up with some countrymusic. Small Step is a track with Apollo 11 radio samplings and with Next Step you will find a pumping Tech House track. There is also a Remix of Fast Step on the EP which is made by Steve Cole.

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