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EPR004 - Gil Sozinho - Dance Pop

EPR004 Back

Track 1: Gil Sozinho - Dance Pop (5:03 min)
Track 2: Gil Sozinho - Dance Pop (G-Rillo Remix) (5:12 min)
Track 3: Gil Sozinho - Dance Pop (Weltenwandler Deconstruction Remix) (6:05 min)


EPR004 Front

Happy New Year! Electrophil Records fourth Release coming out on 27th of January, EPR004 Dance Pop from Gil Sozinho. His prime focus lays on House and electro. But he enjoys experimenting with Dubstep, Drum&Bass and Hip-Hop. He says: There are no, so called rules in music, just do whatever you like! A little time has passed, and now hes releasing his first Electro-House Track on Electrophil Records.

Inside this release, you will find the Original Version of Dance Pop produced by Gil Sozinho. A great bumpy Electro House Track. Also there are two Remixes, one from G-Rillo which is a groovy House Version and a Deconstruction Remix made by Weltenwandler which goes in a Deep Variation of Tech House.

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Press & Radios

Alexander Bien / electrosound.tv
Rating: 4/5
Comments: Interesting! Downloading for electrosound.tv - thank you

Tsugi Magazine

Comments: cool ep

Todd Burns / Resident Advisor
Comments: Thanks, downloading.

West Radio / westradio.gr
Comments: nice tracks!

Robert Grand / Additan Radio

Comments: Nice! THX

+ many others !!!

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Paco Osuna
Rating: 4/5
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Favourite Track: Dance Pop
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