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EPR008 - Weltenwandler - The Ruin EP

EPR008 - Weltenwandler - The Ruin Back

Track 1: Weltenwandler feat. ZoŽ Lawrence – The Ruin (7:08 min)
Track 2: Weltenwandler feat. ZoŽ Lawrence – The Ruin (T.S.H. Remix) (9:37 min)
Track 3: Weltenwandler feat. ZoŽ Lawrence – The Ruin (Atesh K. Remix) (8:00 min)
Track 4: Weltenwandler – The Relic (6:23 min)
Track 5: Weltenwandler – The Relic (Aiden Remix) (5:42 min)


EPR008 - Weltenwandler - The Ruin Front

EPR008 "The Ruin EP" is the second Release of one of Electrophil's core producers: Weltenwandler.
The track The Ruin, a collaboration with scottish singer and sonwriter ZoŽ Lawrence, shows again Weltenwandler's melodic yet bass-driven approach to tech-house music. The intriguing original track is accompanied by a to-the-point techno club remix by T.S.H. and a tech-house rework by Atesh K., whose remix yet again shows his unique style and feel for music.
The second original track is The Relic, again, melodic elements paired with a driving bassline, but this time including neotrance influences. A beautiful electronica remix of The Relic by Aiden completes this EP and will leave you wanting more.

Click here to Download the Complete Press - PDF

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Press & Radios

Timmy Byrne (Station Manager - Kiss FM)

Tim Thaler
Downloading for BLN.FM radio, Berlin.

Pumped Audio
Downloading for Pumpedaudio.com .. Thanks

DJ Prinz (Radio FG, Push It Records)
Atesh K Remix for me !

Rafy Nieves (Billboard Magazine)
the original is the one for me.

Leri Ahel (Mutant disco radio show)
Really love it. Especially T.S.H. remix. Will support.

Magnin Grťgory (radio calade - planet electro)
Good atesh k remix

miguel garji (ibiza global radio)
The Ruin Original 4 me. Gracias

TJ / Igloo Mag
Subtle, deep, a fine listen.

DJ Ampz (Amplified Radio)
The Relic Original for me

The Bass-Room Radio Show (Juann Bocca)
jippa bassroom material

Koen Vandijck (FM Brussel)
Sounds cool. Thx!

Jan Urban / Clubflavour.de
Great! Atesh K for me

Andreas Akratos (Re-Think Radio, Night Series)
The Ruin is a hugely impressive piece of work! Dancefloor tested (original)!Support!

Essential deLuxe
Great EP

Dave Noonan (Outer Limits-Via Sound Radio-Sirenium)
thanks for sending this, i like the Atesh K remix

WARM FM (www.warm.fm - 104.2fm)
top ;)

Mikey Breaky (Flirt 101.3FM (Galway))
Love Aidens elecronica mix and the original of Weltenwandler good also nice vocal, thanks

+ many others !!!

 The best Artists say...

Claude Von Stroke (Dirtybird Records)
DL for VonStoke

Richie Hawtin (Minus)
download for r hawtin

LUCIANO (Cadenza)

sossa (circoloco )

Toni Rios
the ruin sounds good. will test which mixes. thanx.

Micheldehey (Hey! Muzik)
cool remixes!

Daniel Sanchez (Bla Bla)
thanx guyz!

J.P. Caulfield
Hi . Thank you very much for your music ! I will listen to it and hopefully play it and / or chart it. If you need feedback directly and immediately you can reach me at. promo1@jpcaulfield.com

Paul Van Dyk (Vandit)
dl only for now, thanks!

Markus Schulz (Coldharbour | GDJB)
Thank you. Downloading for Markus. Please check www.markusschulz.com for spins.

Franco Bianco (Hypercolour, Dilek, Multivitamins)
Great release! Thanks for the music! :)))))

TSH mix for us

Mild Bang (loco, thoughtless, blaq)
number 3 for me

SoniQ SoniQbookings Munich
THE RELIC - Aiden remix!!!!! in my case! thanxxxx a lot for this!

Blackmambo (Click Muziq Recordings)
Thx for the music! support!

Tom Pooks (Night Drive)
hello thx for promowill tell you after check tom

Essam Gawish
Atesh K remix for me

Al Marzocchi (Brighton Hooch)
Good stuff

Russell Deeks (This Is Why We Dance)
Cool deeper techno vibes

Jose Sousa
Nice Release, Support from SPain)

Jordi Villalta (PFI/Amnesia Ibiza)
weltenwandler atesh k remix for me

Roberto Romero
The ruin TSH remix is for me!

Dimitri Pike / Wildtek (Teknology Radio Show / Detroit Techno Militia / Wildtek)
The Relic 'Aiden Remix' for me.

Keep On (PAR, WOH, Nutation, Vindico)
like tsh rmx

William Welt (22 Digit Records)
Weltenwandler is very cool like both the the original and the T.S.H mix:)

DJ Samer (Spundae, Jetlag, frisky, Pangea, Source of Gravity )

Koma (Jacbri Radio Show/Proton Radio)
excellent ep, loving the ruin original

Alex Deep (Mr. Nice Guy / 10 Large)
The ruin Original for me! Thanks for the music ! ; )

Mellow fusion (good music)

Gabriel Ananda (Gabriel Ananda)
DL For Gabriel Ananda, thank you

Tommi Bass (Seta Label - Rednetic Recordings)
Downloading to play out in Berlin!

Moog Conspiracy (Elektrotribe, Doxa, Buena Onda, Road Trip)
atesh k remix!

Nick Chatelain
downloading for nick & danny chatelain, support!!! thn'x

Ken Liu (Headset Recordings)
All really nice. Atesh K Remix is my pick.

Eduardo Fusaro (Urbanized Records / MK tronic radio show)

Lefrenk (Deep Different)
i like ®The Ruin®, an nice original track, great ep, thanks.

Franck Valat (Gravite / Frequenza)
The ruin (original mix) is DOPE ! I love The relic (Aiden remix) also ! Thank you !

Enzo Tedeschi (Never Trust DJīs)
Nice Ep, thanks for the music

Dema (Sci+Tec / Trapez)
nice thanks!

ed2000 (dangerous drums berlin / bln.fm berlin / solar bookings berlin)
downloading for the music editors at bln.fm - this release will be listened to for possible rotation playlist inclusion. i will also promote the trax in my own sets - thanks for this...

Riyaz Khan (DiversionsRadioToronto)
like the bassline on The Relic (Original Mix)

Sakro (Houseworx/Klectik/ToysForBoys/Darek/Dialtone/Minimo/Nonpop)
Atesh remix works for me. Thanks for the music!

NIKO RIVERA (Pressure/sexibeats/metronomo/animalsmuziqrecordings/levitium)
Atesh Remix for me!, thanks ;)

J-oNe (MAD, Krystal Events)
Nice EP.. Thx J-oNe

+ many more !!!